Hello, I'm Bob Assistant,

Your personal maintenance assistant

Just drop me on your equipment and I will immediately start monitoring your production line. It’s as simple as that…

Time has come to say goodbye to complex setups, challenging hardwires, costly data center and analytic software, IT security challenges or significant energy bill. Combining the power of artificial intelligence with IOT. I will help you optimize your maintenance costs and reduce downtimes very simply and of course, in case of problem, don’t worry, I will alert you.

Thanks to the strong partnership between my parents :-) Eolane (hardware and industrial) and Cartesiam (artificial intelligence at the edge), a new generation of affordable predictive maintenance services is now at your fingertips!

capture with relevance

Bob is intimately connected to your equipment to capture vital data that reveals its state of health based on vibrations.

Analyse with intelligence

Using artificial intelligence algorithms, Bob is learning how your equipment is working and providing accurate information.

Alert with sens

In case of drift or unexpected problem, Bob will alert you through your smartphone and a web dashboard. You can then quickly and efficiently decide how to react.

Secure by design

Your production data are strategic to you as much as they are to Bob. All messages are encrypted. Moreover, Bob will keep your production data, never send them to a cloud and will only transmit useful information as a result of his analysis.


Bob is very simple to install, just put it on the machine, no wiring or configuration needed.


Bob will operate for several years without recharging (battery included).


Bob is communicating using the standard LoRa™ protocol: perfectly adapted to IOT, long distance communication and extra low power consumption.


Bob is super robust (IP68) and designed for industrial use cases.

Jacques-Thierry MONTI

Regional Delegate EDF PACA - Mediterranean Trade Director

“ ..EDF is a large industrial company concerned with developing solutions to improve the preventive maintenance of its equipment. As such, we are currently testing the engines of our thermal power plant in Ajaccio, the maintenance assistants of CARTESIAM. We were seduced by the innovative nature of the technology developed by this company, its simplicity of installation and the efficiency and responsiveness of its specialized teams. ”

Boris Lejean

Director of Innovation Veolia Germany

“ ... the solution was deployed on 3 Veolia sites in Germany for a period of 6 months and we were pleasantly surprised by its ease of implementation and the immediate added value perceived by our maintenance teams. Constantly having a dozen expert "assistants" who listen, analyze our equipment and alert us before any problems are triggered, has brought great serenity to our maintenance teams without changing any of our current processes ... ”


“Témoignage client: SJD décolletage”

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